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Crucial Agreements Required by Technology-Based Start-Ups to Secure Intellectual Property

Technology-based start-ups essentially face several challenges that they must be prepared for, but intellectual property concerns are definitely at the top of that list. This is including but is not limited to, developing a product, hiring qualified employees, raising capital, and more. With all of these issues, intellectual property can feel distracting, expensive, or contrary to the goals of just getting a product to market before someone else does. The value of the intellectual property as an asset thus increases multi-fold.

Copyrights Involved in Photography

The Indian Copyright Act, 1957 complies with most international treaties such as the Berne Convention for protection of Literary and Artistic Works 1886, The Universal Copyright Convention 1951, The Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement of 1995. The International Copyright Order has been passed to protect the copyright/copyright lawyers in Delhi in member countries of the convention and agreement. Similarly, foreign artistic works are also given protection in India. Although the quality of the photograph is immaterial,

Anti-Dissection Rule in Trade Marks

Trademarks play an important role whenever there arises a topic of conversation on the state of a business or brand and its success. This unique identification may be based on the colour scheme, logo, brand name, a certain way of representing the said name and logo, etc. That establishes the ground for the argument that trademark registration is the foundation to effective branding strategies. Registration and enforcement of trademarks however remain complicated processes that regularly encounter roadblocks whereby companies both big