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7 Effective Ways to Protect Intellectual Property

Protecting intellectual property becomes a challenge for businesses and individuals if not taken seriously. In any form,these can be stolen by another identity, company or person. Your original work can be protected under different intellectual property rights – i.e. copyrights, trademarks or patents. But even after this, there are a few steps that you should put forward to protect your original work. All these rights help you to sue anyone who uses your original creativity or work without your consent, and

Why intellectual property strategy is important for MSME/startups

Initial stage of any business is very crucial. Building the team, structuring the company, attracting investment and developing the product, key partnerships, sales channels and marketing plans are typically all-consuming tasks for the founders and these tasks, intellectual property at times takes a back seat. Presently, MSMEs/ Start-ups are facing a lot of issues making it difficult for them to survive in the competitive market. With poor technical knowledge, they often face trouble finding an appropriate solution for their business. An

Procedure for trademark registration in India

Introduction In the present competitive world, safeguarding of business idea through registration of IP rights ensures accomplishing milestones thereby building a strong relationship with the customers through its brand name. The trademarks registration in India is not compulsory but quiet essential looking into the present dynamic and evolving market. Benefits of Registration With the time and effort invested in establishing the business, entrepreneurs are at risk if their innovation is not well protected. It is an intangible asset to the business

Protecting Trademark Portfolio from Infringement

In the present dynamic and competitive market, companies are under constant pressure to popularize their products or services through their unique brand name and increase their consumer base. Entities ensure their valuable assets are registered through trademarks in the form of word or logo or symbol or a combination thereof. It is one of the most efficient ways of creating a brand value enabling the customers to identify their products and differentiate them from other similar products in the store. Choosing

Word marks vs. Logo marks: which is more preferable?

Intangible assets to the company, many endeavor to ensure that their product stands out to other similar products in the market by registering their brand name. Trademarks registration exists in several forms such as logo, mark, label etc. However, business enterprises often get confused whether to protect their TM as word mark or logo mark. Uncertainties also arise on the form that provides better protection: a standard character format (word mark) or designed format (logo mark). One has to have a