Facebook, which now seeks to be known as Meta, recently encountered an issue as it attempts to register the trademark. It has come to light that ‘Meta’ is already applied for as a trademark by an Arizona-based start-up; the founder of which Zach Shutt says that Meta PC first began using the brand for its range of products in November 2020 and has now applied for its registration before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The said company is already after the “Meta” trademark – and was well before Facebook rolled out its new moniker/trademark lawyers in Delhi.

The filings have not been accepted – they are still displayed as “active,” implying that Meta PC does not yet possess the “Meta” brand. Nonetheless, it filed its case two months before Facebook revealed its makeover, implying that the tech giant may face a court battle. According to reports, the founder stated that they are willing to give in and withdraw from trying to register the trademark/patent registration lawyers in Delhi Facebook is willing to pay $20 million.

It is possible, however, that Mark Zuckerberg will not be required to submit the sum. Because the two brands’ businesses are completely distinct from one another. While this may be true for the time being, it is simple to foresee a clash between the two at some point in the future. Facebook produces its own virtual reality headsets under the Oculus (now Reality Labs) brand. If Meta PCs decides to enter the category with its product selection, the two companies may end up with a branding clash/Trademark registration lawyers in Ludhiana.