Intellect Juris is Iconic IP Law firm in delhi with head office at Noida in National Capital Region and associated office at London. Its client base ranges from private individual to major corporations covering industries ranging from FMCG, pharma, hospitality, fashion, education and many more. The firm prides itself on delivering exceptional client services. As industries evolve and legal trends emerge, the firm adjusts its tactics, always with focus squarely on the client’s interest. Clients across continents have always appreciated the firm’s discipline, flexibility and effectiveness.

The team of the firm adopts innovative ways of managing cases whilst providing individual attention to client’s requirements. Lawyers at Intellect Juris are members of various national and international associations and contribute to the development, creating awareness about Intellectual Property. We provide a streamlined and specialized process that yields comprehensive intellectual property protection strategies, enforcement of IP portfolios at all levels and innovation services, including marketing and licensing of new technologies; all of these, at competitive prices with a high-quality service promise and the personalized touch of a boutique.

The firm’s goal is to provide thorough advice and guidance based upon extensive experience in all aspects of Intellectual Property including its acquisition, enforcement, management and commercial exploitation.


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