Offering a wealth of deep technical knowledge in a variety of leading edge start-ups and large-companies, Intellect Juris’s VIRTUAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICER (VIPö) will essentially function as your part-time in-house IP counsel. We work with you to tailor the portfolio growth strategy to your business plan rather than adopting the typical (and expensive) one-size-fits-all strategy. Additionally, by engaging VIRTUAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICER to manage the IP portfolio (patent registration, trade secrets, design patents, domain names and trademarks registration) and execute on the IP strategy, key professionals within your company will have more time to spend doing what they do best – running your business.

Our services are available under various engagement models, on project or retainer basis. You can retain us as your company’s VIRTUAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICER (VIPö), and we will work closely with your management team for the period, as needed, to proactively manage your intellectual property and resolve any pressing IP issues that may arise at any time.

We, at Intellect Juris gives you access to a dedicated full-service virtual IP management office, which combines business, technical and legal skills to benefit your entire Intellectual Property life cycle.


Our intellectual property experts aims to arm you with the knowledge and tools to maximize the value of your IP portfolio. With a unique blend of experience, industry knowledge, proprietary instruments and industry data mining tools, our objective is to assist you in making informed decisions to proactively manage your IP – maximizing revenue while minimizing costs. We work as a member of your team, recognizing your creative potential, investing in your success and working to align your strategy with your company’s objectives and business goals.

To get the full value from your IP portfolio, firm’s VIRTUAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICER (VIPö) offer wide range of tailored services.

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