As one of the nation’s leading trial firms, Intellect Juris’s litigation strengths extend from the war room to the courtroom. The firm’s trademark lawyers have represented clients in hundreds of disputes around the world. Trademark team of the firm is well equipped to handle any trademark, trade dress or domain name dispute. We have accrued extensive experience in all aspects of trademark litigation, including the enforcement of rights against infringement, dilution and counterfeiting and related court litigation.


Whether the issue is protecting client’s copyrights or defending them from infringement claims, Intellect Juris’s team draw from vast litigation experience.


Intellect Juris’s patent team bring together the best of both worlds, lawyers who have the trial experience to convey highly technical matters and technical experts who have the technical prowess to field any IP issues. The firm’s patent team has handled complex patent cases for both patent holders and accused infringers in various jurisdictions across the country; they routinely appear in the most active patent litigation jurisdictions. Through years of litigating patent matters, Intellect Juris’s patent team are skilled in communicating complicated technical and legal issues to judges and juries. In addition, the firm’s lawyers vast experience in technical areas and concentrate in various aspects of patent law resulting in a thorough approach to any dispute.


Intellect Juris’s patent team are consistently ranked one of the top filers of original patent applications each year, prosecuting patents across all technologies for clients ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to start-ups, with in-depth experience in mechanical and medical devices, computer hardware and software and bioscience and chemical technology. Intellect Juris’s patent team go beyond the prosecution stage, helping clients accomplish their business objectives from the conception of an invention to its commercialization. The firm’s patent team, comprised of former scientists and engineers, handle all aspects surrounding the prosecution of a patent including:

    • Analyzing new technology patentability
    • Filing and prosecuting national and foreign patent applications
    • Auditing and managing patent portfolios



Whether the issue is protecting a client’s trade secrets or defending them from misappropriation claims, Intellect Juris’s lawyers have vast litigation experience.


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