Legal Services For Startups


Start ups are essentially entrepreneurial initiatives with a viable business model that revolves around an innovative product or technology services with the sole aim to venture into the market and develop themselves into successful business entities. It also encourages more number of people to come forward with a product or services freshly spun from an innovative idea. These new ventures are the epicenter for creation and development of new technology or a fresh platform that brings healthy competition in the market. It not only develops an atmosphere encouraging new technology and modern inventions but also catalyzes job creation in the economy.

A new business venture is agile and therefore susceptible to several catastrophes. With the rapid change in technology there is a constant pressure on these entrepreneurs to enter the market and survive the competition. There is also an uncertainty regarding the profits such new product or technology will generate. The risk involved in such ventures causes loss of interest in innovators to create a product and launch it in the market. New players in the market have limited funds with several other risks to develop a new product. With no protection, there is a high risk of such new invention being exploited by others for their advantage. Hence, when continuous research eventually leads to a new product or service that has a customer usage or improved technology needs protection. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are strategic business tools that not only provide exclusive right to the owner for optimum utilization of the invented product but enhances the probability of getting funding and excellent partnerships.

We encourage innovation and provide assistance to startups by engaging in consultation and designing tailor made services to ensure that their business ideas are well protected.

Intellect Juris has subject experts that have a vivid knowledge and extensive experience on Intellectual Property Laws and various services like patent registration, copyright registration etc. We work diligently with the startups to achieve the desired result. Our belief to shoulder such moral responsibility led us to be a part of the Startup India initiative thereby encouraging start ups to establish a strong hold in the economy. India is providing a niche market for startup companies and as a government certified facilitator, we have an obligation to create awareness and promote Intellectual Property Laws that can encourage startups for constant innovations. Startups can get easy access to high quality IP services and reliable resources that can be utilized to get swift clearances and legal rights over the innovated product, services, processes etc.

We, at Intellect Juris provide assistance for protection and enforcement of their Intellectual properties enable them to nurture their innovation and shape their business model into a strong portfolio that can be used for commercial gains. With the complex procedures and several filings involved, our team of professionals facilitate the process of obtaining the Intellectual Property rights for the startups at concessional rate.

We also provide assistance at pre-funding and post funding stages, in deciding the company structures and anticipating regulatory issues.


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