Protecting intellectual property becomes a challenge for businesses and individuals if not taken seriously. In any form,these can be stolen by another identity, company or person. Your original work can be protected under different intellectual property rights – i.e. copyrights, trademarks or patents. But even after this, there are a few steps that you should put forward to protect your original work. All these rights help you to sue anyone who uses your original creativity or work without your consent, and beyond this, it’s very useful if you intend to make money from your invention or creations.

After all, here we’re going to discuss a few crucial steps that you should take to protect your intellectual property rights. By definition, intellectual property laws are capable to secure and enforce legal rights to your invention, and creative work.

1)    You must have a list comprises all sorts of intellectual properties you own. And in the early stage you must be clear that before you, nobody has processes and secured this idea, invention, design or creative work. Here it’s worth noting that you can use free online tools or may use govt. websites to ensure that your invention does not conflict with anyone more. Use trademark and logo searches or may take services of patent or trademark attorney to be confirmed.

2)    It’s good that you possess all the relevant evidence and documents in regards to your development. You can have files, drawing copies, and other important docs that could specify the originality of your work.

3)    Ensure all contracts must clearly indicate your ownership of any IP developed by your firm.

4)    In case you feel insecure in the context of trademark or any IP including copyright or patent then you can seek the advice of legal experts/attorney. You can find a professional legal advisor through online channels.

5)    It’s a good idea to go through the fast-track registration process, in normal condition it may take a long time to register for a patent, copyright etc. It may impose some additional fee, but very effective to protect your intellectual property as early as possible.

6)    One more point so-called IP infringement that you can’t ignore, widely use of internet and social network may challenge your intellectual property. Whenever you post a blog or something on social media then anybody can use – logo, trademark, content or anything else, if you had not protected the same according to IP laws. These things truly work very fast as we can’t think, there’re lots of people in the world who never sit idle, and try to find something new for their commercial use or any use. So you must take care of IP infringement.

7)    It’s worth noted that your intellectual property must be protected within your country and outside the country, so to protect this you seek the advice of patent and/or trademark attorney. And you must note down that you need a separate international intellectual right.

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