What is trademark registration? 

A trademark is a unique identity given to a particular business, service, product, or company that makes them different from the rest. These trademarks can be in the form of pictures, logos, name, holograms, or any other. The trademarks aid in establishing a unique brand identity in the market. 

What are the benefits of online trademark registration

A trademark gives a unique identity to your business in the market. It helps you in forming a brand and prevents replication or plagiarism of your product in the market. It gives businesses legal aid in cases of theft of intellectual property and helps them in framing a copyright infringement. 

Trademark registrations in Delhi are fixed at expiry date of 10 years but its advantage over patents is that every 10 years the trademark can be renewed for another 10years thus making it helpful for businesses. 

Steps to follow for online trademark registration 

The online trademark registration will take anywhere between 1.5 to 2 years and according to any hindrances that may come along the way the time period can vary.

  • 1st step to trademark registration is finding the right trademark that can represent your business, like a unique logo, name, or picture. A trademark search can help you find if your trademark is unique. Making sure that you have a unique trademark that is different from your competitors is a crucial part and a trademark registrar can help you with it. 
  • 2nd step is to submit the necessary documents to the department where a unique VNR code is assigned and sent for codification. 
  • In the next step, the trademark examiner will check and verify the documents, if an attorney is involved then documents concerning power of attorney are also verified. 
  • The trademark is then published in a trademark journal publically so that any objection that the masses have can be raised and 4 months are given to submit any opposition. In case of no opposition, the trademark registration reaches the final stage where you will receive the certificate in 3 months. If any opposition comes up, then relevant documents should be provided regarding the statement of opposition.